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October 17, 2009

The Week of 18 October – SyFy throws us a bone.

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SyFy seems to be making up with The X-Philers this week for the random and arbitrary way in which it has been scheduling our favorite show.  Their first good move has been scheduling two and three-part episodes so they are both shown in the same calendar week, first done with Colony & End Game.  The bonus comes this week, however, as we have an additional four episodes of The X-Files on SyFy this week, and not just any four episodes either.  In fact, the only way to have a better week of X-Files programming would be to either poll us X-Philers on our favorites or to show every episode back to back without commercials.  The former option is improbable, the latter is impossible.  In the meantime, enjoy a week which is highlighted by arguably the fan favorite episode, “Bad Blood.”

Sunday 18 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Through A Glass, Darkly” – Frank suspects a convicted killer/child molester is not responsible for a girl’s disappearance.
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence” – Hollis’ half-sister in involved with drug dealers peddling contaminated heroin.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 900PM MMax The X-Files : I Want To Believe – The FBI asks for Mulder’s help in solving a missing person’s case, while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare brain disease.

Monday 19 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Omerta” – A dead hit man halps Frank’s daughter, Jordan, deal with her mother’s loss.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Omerta”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Darkness Falls” – Ecoterrorists are suspected in the disappearance of loggers in Washington.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Nisei – Part 1” – Mulder discovers a video of an alien autopsy.

Tuesday 20 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time” – Frank and Emma try to figure out how people drowned on dry land.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Tooms” – Mulder disobeys orders and trails Eugene Victor Tooms before he kills again.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “731 – Part 2” – Scully is forced to trust a mysterious government figure.

Wednesday 21 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage” – A group member’s daughter is kidnapped, fueling Frank’s suspicions.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Home” – Mulder and Scully discover evidence of an unspeakable crime in a bucolic small town.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “War of the Coprophages” – A series of deaths are linked by cockroaches.

Thursday 22 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow” – A mysterious woman tells Frank she has knowledge about his wife’s death.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Bad Blood” – The agents have clashing stories involving vampirism.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Syzygy” – Bizarre deaths coincide with odd astrological phenomena.

Friday 23 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas” – Devil-incarnate Lucy Butler plagues Frank’s investigation.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”

Saturday 24 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka” – Frank and Emma learn more about Millennium Group’s origins and history.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka”

August 12, 2009

Poll 1 – Favorite mytharc episode

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These are the choices, and we have nobody to blame other than those who tweeted.  Personally i’d put the Pilot #1, “The Truth” #10, and the rest tied at #2.  There are a few that i’d swap in, but in order to bring “Tunguska/Terma” or “S.R.819” or “Gethsemane/Redux/Redux II” in something would have to come out.

It would be nice to have some real numbers, so please retweet.

August 7, 2009

The Blog of i

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On the 20th of June the XFiles_DB twitter feed was created.  Over the past 1 1/2+ months, XFiles_DB updates have been mostly:

  • Showtimes for X-Files episodes, mostly on the newly renamed SyFy Channel, along with a brief synopsis of said episodes
  • Showtimes for X-Files : I Want To Believe
  • Trivial facts obtained from recently aired episodes of The X-Files & I Want To Believe
  • Trivial information about the X-Files cast, crew, directors, etc.

i have tried to keep opinion out of the twitter feed, but there have been times where my opinion has been asked for and times when it hasn’t where either i’ve been brief with my opinion or i’ve kept silent.  Plus trying to keep my opinions at 140 characters or less is too confining.

That is where this blog comes in.  The integrity of the twitter feed remains intact while giving a much larger space with which to give personal input or opinion.  For example on twitter i believe i simply gave a quick summary of the episode “Space.”  On this blog i may have added that it was the worst episode of the first season if not the series, on how it was all too evident that the actors were all Canadian in the episode due to the pronunciation of the word “processor,” etc.  Of course i will wait until after each episode airs so as to not spoil for potential first-time viewers.

So here it is.  The X-Files aren’t an assignment, they are an indulgence.  i hope this blog, the twitter feed, and the yet-completed dot com serve the X-Files community well.


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