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April 1, 2010

Part of X-Files 3 Script leaked!

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So anyway i have a friend who works for the California Film Commission and he called me in the middle of the night to tell me what he had his hands on.  Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and *ahem* Brian “Alien Bounty Hunter” Thomson are all signed on as well as Deep Throat’s real-life daughter Melora Hardin and newcomer Noah Alexander who apparently plays an eleven year-old William.  Release is believed to be November 2, 2012.



Coming across skyscrapers in the early evening,
past the camera and onto the helipad of a hospital
to the right.  The camera zooms in on it and then 
seamlessly switches to another camera on the same
roof.  A team of emergency doctors, surgical masks already 
covering their faces, are waiting for the patient inside.

The side door bursts open and two paramedics start
to unload the gurney as the doctors rush the 

              MED-EVAC CAPTAIN
     45 year-old male, cardiac arrest, blood pressure 
     falling, he's breathing but we can't get an 
     accurate O-Sat reading...

As one doctor tries to attach an oxygen saturation sensor
to the patient's finger he suddenly goes flying a full
20 feet through the air and makes a hard landing on 
the rooftop.  The patient's other hand grabs another
doctor by the throat.  The camera gets closer and 
reveals a familiar face...

              BOUNTY HUNTER
     Where... is he...

The Bounty Hunter starts to sit up on the gurney as
he squeezes the doctor's throat.

              FEMALE DOCTOR

     I... you... you took him

Security guards emerge from their post near the 
emergency elevator, guns drawn.

              BOUNTY HUNTER

     NO!  The BOY!  WHERE! IS! HE!?

The guards yell out to let the doctor go, then 
put 5 bullets right in the Bounty Hunter's chest.

Scully begins to run toward the elevator, then takes 
the stairs instead.  She begins the 6 floor descent
to the basement parking garage.

The security personnel close in on the bounty hunter,
then realize they've gotten too close as their eyes
start burning.  They scream in agony as the Bounty
Hunter pulls the restraints off his waist and legs,
5 green stains bubbling on his chest.  

Scully opens the driver's door to her red sedan, starts
it, backs out of her space, then peels out.

The Bounty Hunter walks to the edge of the building.

Scully starts looking behind her, and suddenly looks forward 
as she's about to run a red light.  She start to slam on the 
brakes, only to have the Bounty Hunter drop right in front of her.  
She veers left yet runs over part of him, runs the red light 
while looking in the rear view to make sure he was down.


The camera starts above and then pans to the rear right side
of the white sedan as it travels in the late afternoon sun
and passes a sign for Interstate 80 West.  A phone is heard 


A hand reaches out and touches a button on the car's 
dashboard.  The camera reveals Fox Mulder behind the 


     I thought we weren't going to use this line.


     Mulder, he found me.  


     We knew that was going to happen, it was
     just sooner than we thought.


     Have you found him?  Are you there?


     I'm driving through Wyoming as we speak.  I'm
     about 1/2 hour away from him.


     How can you be sure that it's really him?


     How can it not be?  We should just hope that
     Doggett didn't alert anyone else when he 
     contacted us.  It's all falling into place,
     Scully, and here we are about 8 months from
     the date.


     That's true, today's April 1st.


     That's right, what some call "April Fool's


     Do you think anybody still believes this is


     I want to believe.  


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