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November 27, 2009

Things to be thankful for, from A to X

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A – Abductions.  The fire under Mulder’s ass.

B – Bad Blood.  No explanation needed.

C – Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, Fencewalker (, and the Ford Fusion.  Okay, maybe that last one’s a stretch.

D – David Duchovny.  The more talk shows he appears on the more you realize Fox Mulder was already in him.

E – Eugene Victor Tooms, the first Freak-Of-The-Week and one of the best

F – Followers, i have a few.  While large numbers are nice, loyal readers are important.

G – Gillian Anderson.  No wonder Chris Carter insisted on casting her instead of a well-known actress.  He just put her out there, she made herself a star.

H – Home, the first episode to carry a parental discretion warning, arguably the most shocking and rumored after it premiered to never be shown again.

I – “Ice”, The X-Files’ first implication that something alien may lurk beneath polar ice, plus Kenny Bania and one of the Desperate Housewives.

J – Je Souhaite, 7ABX21, one of the funniest episodes whose moral is “be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”

K – Krycek, the syndicate member who was planted to be Mulder’s partner as well as an assassin.  Mulder smashing him in the head with a phone was one of the best scenes ever.

L – Leonard Betts.  The dude regrew his head.  According to Norm MacDonald, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly weak.”

M – Max Fenig, the NICAP member first met in “Fallen Angel” who met a curious end in Season 4.

N – Navajo Indians, who played a large part in the end of Season 2 to the beginning of Season 3, plus “The Truth.”

O- “One Breath,” one of the most popular episodes and the one where Scully clings to life.

P- Pileggi, Mitch.  Played Walter Skinner, the Assistant Director who always had Mulder and Scully’s backs, although sometimes it wasn’t obvious.

Q – Quagmire, the episode where Scully lost her dog Queequeg.

R – Requiem, the perfect series finale.  Not the happiest one, but the most fitting to The X-Files.

S – The Spenders.  Besides CBG there was one under our noses from the beginning.

T – “Tunguska/Terma” – The two parter whose setting is based on a 1908 event.  It made Krycek a one-armed bandit.

U – “Unruhe”, the episode where Gerry Schnauz has a weird effect on photographic film

V – “Vienen”, Mulder and Doggett working together aboard an oil rig where the black oil has appeared

W – William.  William Scully, William Scully Jr., William Mulder, Scully’s son William Mulder, William B. Davis.  Maybe throw in Will I Am for no reason.

X – X, the badass informant who saved Mulder’s life but then suddenly became sloppy enough to get rubbed out.


Happy Thanksgiving, and if you don’t want to venture outside make it a Black Oil Friday:

  • Nisei – S3E9
  • 731 – S3E10
  • Piper Maru – S3E15
  • Apocrypha – S3E16
  • Talitha Cumi – S3E24
  • Herrenvolk – S4E1
  • Tunguska – S4E8
  • Terma – S4E9
  • Momento Mori – S4E14
  • Tempus Fugit – S4E17
  • Max – S4E18
  • Zero-Sum – S4E21
  • Gethsemane – S4E24
  • Redux – S5E1
  • Redux II – S5E2



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  1. Nice list – Interesting to see your x-files a-z picks. My co-worker just posted an article about an interview he did with Dean Haglund, who played Richard “Ringo” Langly – about behind the scenes tidbits – there are some interesting little facts about Chris Carter and the characters…please read and share your thoughts on it, I’m interested in your perspective –

    Comment by X-Files Fan — December 9, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

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