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November 27, 2009

Things to be thankful for, from A to X

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A – Abductions.  The fire under Mulder’s ass.

B – Bad Blood.  No explanation needed.

C – Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, Fencewalker (, and the Ford Fusion.  Okay, maybe that last one’s a stretch.

D – David Duchovny.  The more talk shows he appears on the more you realize Fox Mulder was already in him.

E – Eugene Victor Tooms, the first Freak-Of-The-Week and one of the best

F – Followers, i have a few.  While large numbers are nice, loyal readers are important.

G – Gillian Anderson.  No wonder Chris Carter insisted on casting her instead of a well-known actress.  He just put her out there, she made herself a star.

H – Home, the first episode to carry a parental discretion warning, arguably the most shocking and rumored after it premiered to never be shown again.

I – “Ice”, The X-Files’ first implication that something alien may lurk beneath polar ice, plus Kenny Bania and one of the Desperate Housewives.

J – Je Souhaite, 7ABX21, one of the funniest episodes whose moral is “be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”

K – Krycek, the syndicate member who was planted to be Mulder’s partner as well as an assassin.  Mulder smashing him in the head with a phone was one of the best scenes ever.

L – Leonard Betts.  The dude regrew his head.  According to Norm MacDonald, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly weak.”

M – Max Fenig, the NICAP member first met in “Fallen Angel” who met a curious end in Season 4.

N – Navajo Indians, who played a large part in the end of Season 2 to the beginning of Season 3, plus “The Truth.”

O- “One Breath,” one of the most popular episodes and the one where Scully clings to life.

P- Pileggi, Mitch.  Played Walter Skinner, the Assistant Director who always had Mulder and Scully’s backs, although sometimes it wasn’t obvious.

Q – Quagmire, the episode where Scully lost her dog Queequeg.

R – Requiem, the perfect series finale.  Not the happiest one, but the most fitting to The X-Files.

S – The Spenders.  Besides CBG there was one under our noses from the beginning.

T – “Tunguska/Terma” – The two parter whose setting is based on a 1908 event.  It made Krycek a one-armed bandit.

U – “Unruhe”, the episode where Gerry Schnauz has a weird effect on photographic film

V – “Vienen”, Mulder and Doggett working together aboard an oil rig where the black oil has appeared

W – William.  William Scully, William Scully Jr., William Mulder, Scully’s son William Mulder, William B. Davis.  Maybe throw in Will I Am for no reason.

X – X, the badass informant who saved Mulder’s life but then suddenly became sloppy enough to get rubbed out.


Happy Thanksgiving, and if you don’t want to venture outside make it a Black Oil Friday:

  • Nisei – S3E9
  • 731 – S3E10
  • Piper Maru – S3E15
  • Apocrypha – S3E16
  • Talitha Cumi – S3E24
  • Herrenvolk – S4E1
  • Tunguska – S4E8
  • Terma – S4E9
  • Momento Mori – S4E14
  • Tempus Fugit – S4E17
  • Max – S4E18
  • Zero-Sum – S4E21
  • Gethsemane – S4E24
  • Redux – S5E1
  • Redux II – S5E2



November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving + SyFy = James Bond?

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First thing’s first- Happy Thanksgiving!  i hope that every one of my followers is fortunate enough to have a big meal with family and friends.  It is also my wish that all of you are cognizant of any of your neighbors who are poor of bank statement or of health who may not have a good Thanksgiving, and that you would share something with them.  Invite to dinner your friends who have been struggling after losing a source of income; take a pie to your elderly neighbors who have failing health.

So, the SyFy Channel has been very arbitrary with its programming lately, in general and with The X-Files in particular, and that’s why my twitter and blog posts have been more sporadic.  For a week in October there were two X-Files episodes per night, 4 episodes following the numerical sequence and four apparently chosen arbitrarily, to be shown Monday -Thursday as usual.  As Thursday neared SyFy changed the schedule and deferred to Monday.  As Monday neared it was unclear whether the episodes were to start at 1AM or 2AM, with DirecTV’s schedule showing it one way and showing it the other.  Also, these extra episodes aren’t going to appear in sequence, and we’re not talking mediocre episodes either.  “Home” and “Bad Blood” are as epic as they get.  It’s been nice that SyFy has been keeping two and three-part episodes together so they’re shown in the same week, but some more consistency would be great.

While it would be nice for SyFy to realize that instead of Agent 007 we’d rather see badge number JTT047101111 on Thanksgiving, here we are with a James Bond marathon.  Really?  In random order instead of chronologically?  Too funny.  What to do?  How about digging into the X-Files DVD collection?  Here are some picks to watch today through Black Friday and maybe to take to the hunting camp next week.

  • “Roadrunners” Season 8 Episode 5 – A no brainer because it premiered on 26Nov2000.  Scully persues a cult that worships a slug-like organism.
  • “The End” Season 5 Episode 20, “Fight The Future”, “The Beginning” Season 6 Episode 1- The X-Files at its best
  • “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 79, “Requiem”  Season 7 Episode 22 – The beginning and the best ending.  Not the happiest, but the best.

Gobble gobble.


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