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October 17, 2009

The Week of 18 October – SyFy throws us a bone.

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SyFy seems to be making up with The X-Philers this week for the random and arbitrary way in which it has been scheduling our favorite show.  Their first good move has been scheduling two and three-part episodes so they are both shown in the same calendar week, first done with Colony & End Game.  The bonus comes this week, however, as we have an additional four episodes of The X-Files on SyFy this week, and not just any four episodes either.  In fact, the only way to have a better week of X-Files programming would be to either poll us X-Philers on our favorites or to show every episode back to back without commercials.  The former option is improbable, the latter is impossible.  In the meantime, enjoy a week which is highlighted by arguably the fan favorite episode, “Bad Blood.”

Sunday 18 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Through A Glass, Darkly” – Frank suspects a convicted killer/child molester is not responsible for a girl’s disappearance.
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence” – Hollis’ half-sister in involved with drug dealers peddling contaminated heroin.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 900PM MMax The X-Files : I Want To Believe – The FBI asks for Mulder’s help in solving a missing person’s case, while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare brain disease.

Monday 19 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Omerta” – A dead hit man halps Frank’s daughter, Jordan, deal with her mother’s loss.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Omerta”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Darkness Falls” – Ecoterrorists are suspected in the disappearance of loggers in Washington.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Nisei – Part 1” – Mulder discovers a video of an alien autopsy.

Tuesday 20 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time” – Frank and Emma try to figure out how people drowned on dry land.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Tooms” – Mulder disobeys orders and trails Eugene Victor Tooms before he kills again.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “731 – Part 2” – Scully is forced to trust a mysterious government figure.

Wednesday 21 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage” – A group member’s daughter is kidnapped, fueling Frank’s suspicions.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Home” – Mulder and Scully discover evidence of an unspeakable crime in a bucolic small town.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “War of the Coprophages” – A series of deaths are linked by cockroaches.

Thursday 22 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow” – A mysterious woman tells Frank she has knowledge about his wife’s death.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Bad Blood” – The agents have clashing stories involving vampirism.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Syzygy” – Bizarre deaths coincide with odd astrological phenomena.

Friday 23 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas” – Devil-incarnate Lucy Butler plagues Frank’s investigation.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”

Saturday 24 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka” – Frank and Emma learn more about Millennium Group’s origins and history.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka”

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