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September 27, 2009

The week of 27 September… i’m back

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2 weeks ago i had an accident while working.  i was knocked off my feet by a sudden burst of fluid, bruised and sprained my left knee and seemingly pulled my left quad since that is the part that still hurts.  In other words, that’s what it took for me to abandon my post for a while.  In the meantime, Warehouse 13 ended and Fringe returned.  More on that last part later in the week, in the meantime there’s a lot to cover, including a great X-Files lineup.  Also, i became aware that Millenium is being shown on the Chiller channel, 257 on DirecTV.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “19:19” – Frank tracks down a prophet who believes a world war has begun.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Goodbye, Charlie” – Frank probes assisted suicides.
  • 9:00AM Chiller Millenium “In Arcadia Ego” – Two inmates escape from women’s prison.
  • 10:00AM Chiller Millenium “Anamnesis” – Catherine helps troubled teenagers.
  • 11:00AM Chiller Millenium “A Room With No View” – Bright children are being abducted.
  • 12:00PM Chiller Millenium “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” – Demons bemoan the existence of Frank Black.
  • 1:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Fourth Horseman” – Lara Means disappears mysteriously.
  • 2:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Time Is Now” – A competing organization helps.
  • 3:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Innocents” – Victims of a plane crash are identical women and children.
  • 4:00PM Chiller Millenium “Exegesis” – Frank learns the crash deaths are linked to an experiment.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Goodbye, Charlie” – Frank probes assisted suicides.
  • 12:37AM NBC Jimmy Fallon Live David Duchovny, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, Dirty Projectors perform
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “Anasazi” – Amateur computer hacker’s invasion of government files jeopardizes the lives of Mulder and Scully.


  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Luminary” – Frank Black searches Alaska for a missing teenager.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Luminary”
  • 7:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Burnout” – Pete and Myka must complete the hunt for an artifact for a long-dead agent.
  • 8:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Implosion” – Myka and Pete rejoin Secret Service detail to intercept a samurai sword.
  • 9:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Duped” – While in Las Vegas on a retrieval, Myka is trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “The Blessing Way” – Assuming Mulder is dead, the FBI strips Scully of her credentials for withholding information about the missing computer disk.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Hand of Saint Sebastian” – Frank seeks roots in Germany.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Mikado” – A killer broadcasts his deeds on the internet.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Mikado”
  • 8:15PM MAXHD The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a missing-persons case while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “Paper Clip” – Reunited, Mulder and Scully secretly continue the investigation; they learn the truth about Mulder’s parents and discover Skinner’s true colors.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense” – Frank protects a threatened author.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House” – Investigation of a series of homicides points to inmates from a nearby insane asylum.
  • 7:00AM CBS The Early Show David Duchovny
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House”
  • 8:00PM FOX Fringe – A bomb blows up inside a train station but leaves no trace of any explosive device; Peter and Olivia’s investigation leads them to Iraq.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “DPO” – After deaths are attributed to lightning, Mulder and Scully determine a teen who survived a lightning strike may be the murderer.  With Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Owls” – Dissidents steal powerful artifact.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Owls”


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Owls”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Roosters” – Dissident faction is real sinister.
  • 1:45PM MMAX The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a missing-persons case while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Roosters”

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