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August 30, 2009

The Week of 30 August… on the Fringe of a new season

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The Season Premiere of Fringe is 17 September, 2 weeks from Thursday.  Apparently FOX wants you to remember what happened last season, so there’s a refresher this week of the next to last episode and next week is the season finale.  And by FOX i mean the network, not the Mulder.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Firewalker” – The X-Files are re-opened, Scully is back at Mulder’s side and a robot exploring a volcano shows evidence of a life form.


  • 7PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Implosion” – A competitor for artifacts interferes with Pete & Myka’s interception of a samurai sword needed for the Warehouse.
  • 8PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Duped” – Myka gets trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror, and something wicked comes out.  (That something wicked is a hot Myka)
  • 9PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Regrets” – Pete and Myka investigate a prison where nightmares become all too real.
  • 10PM Cinemax East HD The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a case while Scully tries to help a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 11PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Regrets”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Red Museum” – Wisconsin teens are found wandering in their underwear in the woods with words written on their backs.  Mythology episode.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Excelsius Dei” – Mulder and Scully investigate the rape of a nurse in an assisted living center by an invisible attacker.


  • 9PM FOX Fringe “The Road Not Taken” – Olivia starts having elaborate visions.
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Aubrey” – Serial killings in Aubrey, Missouri are reminiscent of murders from 50 years prior.

Pick of the week – TXF “Red Museum.”  Very laden with conspiracy and mythology.  Well, that and W13 “Duped” for completely different reasons.


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