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August 23, 2009

The Week of 23 August… and The Real Duchovny?

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Until Fringe starts back up it’s going to look like i work for SyFy.  i assure you that i don’t.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Duane Barry” – An ex-FBI agent takes hostages at a travel agency and Mulder & Krycek are called in to negotiate since the man claims to be an abductee.


  • 7PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Burnout” – An artifact takes over it’s host and allows incredible power, but at what cost?
  • 8PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Implosion” – A competitor for artifacts interferes with Pete & Myka’s interception of a samurai sword needed for the Warehouse.
  • 9PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Duped” – Myka gets trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror, and something wicked comes out.
  • 11PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Duped”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Ascension” – Mulder receives Scully’s phone message but has a hard time locating Duane Barry until he receives a police car’s footage.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “3” – Mulder investigates the work of the Trinity murderers, a trio with a fetish for drinking blood.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “One Breath” – Scully mysteriously reappears in a D.C. hospital, kept alive almost entirely by machines.


  • 10PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Duped”

Finally, i have been watching the tweeter known as realduchovny for a while now, and it’s either really David Duchovny or a very convincing liar. You be the judge.

i promise to blog about something other than SyFy’s schedule later in the week.


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