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August 16, 2009

The week of 16 August 2009

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SyFy threw a curveball at us today, as there is an X-Files episode Sunday night.  This week’s schedule, all times Eastern:


  • 2AM SyFY Channel The X-Files “Chimera” – Mulder & Scully are on separate assignments, Scully’s is more mundane while Mulder’s is definitely paranormal.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Little Green Men” – With the X-Files closed Mulder ditches his assignment on a stakeout and travels to Puerto Rico where contact may have occurred.


  • 7PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Elements” – A thief uses one artifact to steal a series of statues which also house incredible power.
  • 8PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Burnout” – An artifact takes over it’s host and allows incredible power, but at what cost?
  • 9PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Implosion” – New Episode
  • 11PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Implosion”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “The Host” – When Mulder gets an assignment trudging through sewage in New Jersey he thinks it’s punishment until he realizes he’s knee-deep in an X-File.


  • 9PM HBO The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked to help the FBI locate a missing agent while a pedophile priest claims a psychic connection to her, while Scully tries to help a young boy with a rare brain disease.
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Blood” – Electronic devices appear to be urging residents of a town toward violence.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Sleepless” – A scientist’s death is consistent with burning without evidence of flames or burns.  Mulder is given a new partner and a new informant.


  • 10PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 – Implosion

Saturday doesn’t have anything of real paranormal significance, but there are some slasher movies on SyFy that day if that’s your thing.  “See No Evil” with Glenn Jacobs aka Kane of the WWE at 1230PM, followed by Saw at 230PM and Saw II at 5PM.


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