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August 10, 2009

A look at the week starting 10Aug… and beyond

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A common opinion about Warehouse 13 is that it’s “The X-Files” combined with some other show or movie, so i’ve decided to list it on the weekly schedule.  When “Fringe” comes back on 17Sept it will definitely be added.  Any suggestions for paranormal themed shows will be considered.  All times are Eastern, the people in those other zones are probably used to adjusting times already so i’ll just leave it at that standard.  For some reason SyFY thinks a new day starts at 6AM, but i’ve followed their standard.

And speaking of “Fringe,” i’ve included a slight spoiler at the bottom.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Tooms” – Tooms gets released from the hospital, Mulder and Scully race to keep him from killing for his final liver.


  • 7PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Claudia” – Artie gets kidnapped by the source of the security breach
  • 8PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Elements” – A thief is after sculptures, using a Native American artifact to steal them
  • 9PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Burnout” – New Episode
  • 11PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Burnout”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Born Again” – A little girl is tied to the deaths of two Buffalo policemen.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Roland” – A mentally handicapped janitor seems to be the only suspect in the murders of two members of a propulsion research team.


  • 11:35PM HBO The X-Files : I Want To Believe
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “The Erlenmeyer Flask” – Deep Throat points Mulder in the right direction, and as his trust wavers the clues are being eliminated.


  • 10PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Burnout”


  • 7:40 HBO The X-Files : I Want To Believe


It appears that the Walter from “Over There” is indeed looking for his Peter.


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