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November 16, 2010

As Thanksgiving nears (and through the holidays) remember what’s actually important

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Some may have noticed that this blog has sat idle since my April Fool’s Day prank of a leaked X-Files script, and there has been a good reason for that.  In January my then 15 month-old boy was rushed to the hospital with seizures.  They assumed it was an isolated incident and sent him home without medications.  Almost exactly one month later the same thing happened, rushed to the hospital with seizures.  They prescribed medication but it only held the seizures down for another month.  After an argument with the doctor where he wouldn’t change either medication or dosage he was released, only to have the seizures return a month later again.  This time I was successful in getting a medication change and then another doctor who wasn’t such a jagoff.  He has been okay since then, he has been seizure free and has also been free of the dangerous side-effects including a rash that separates the dermis from the epidermis.  Epilepsy is loosely defined as a condition where a seizure occurs without a fever or trauma to cause it.  A fever had been documented with each episode so it is still unclear whether these are febrile (fever) seizures or epilepsy.

November is epilepsy awareness month.  The color is purple.

  • Epilepsy and seizures affect almost
    3 million Americans of all ages, at an estimated annual cost of $15.5 billion in direct and indirect costs.
  • Approximately 200,000 new cases of seizures and epilepsy occur each year.
  • Ten percent of the American population will experience a seizure in their lifetime.
  • Three percent will develop epilepsy by age 75.

A few weeks ago my dad returned from a golf trip to Florida feeling horrible.  Actually he felt horrible while he was there but he still managed to kick ass on the course.  He toughed it out for a few days then went to the doctor.  The speed with which his doctor scheduled appointments and scans and follow-ups was a sign that something was very wrong.  On October 22nd i was given the news that he has pancreatic cancer, and on October 28th we were told that surgery is not an option, radiation is not an option due to the tissue surrounding the pancreas, the only option is chemotherapy.  The typical prognosis of somebody with pancreatic cancer is 5 to 8 months.  A coworker told me he his mother died after 6, another told me his brother died after 5.  It has spread into his liver, and is pressing on a kidney.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States
  • This year, it is estimated that over 43,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States, and 36,000 will die from the disease.
  • Pancreatic cancer is one of the few cancers for which the survival rate has not improved substantially over nearly 40 years.
  • Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers.  Only 6% of pancreatic cancer patients will survive more than five years.
  • There are no detection tools to diagnose the disease in its early stages.
  • Pancreatic cancer is significantly under-funded.  The National Cancer Institute spends just 2% of their cancer research budget on pancreatic cancer research.

i already had perspective on what’s important before any of this stuff started.  My son will likely be just fine.  My dad won’t.  Patrick Swayze lived for 20 months with pancreatic cancer, and Randy Pausch lived almost 2 years. If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones who don’t get trampled on Black Friday and get a great deal, consider donating the money you saved to a worthy cause. Or volunteer somewhere, at a food pantry or a soup kitchen. Be thankful for the little things. i’m thankful for Fringe and The Event.

Hope all my fellow X-Philers have a great Thanksgiving,


April 1, 2010

Part of X-Files 3 Script leaked!

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So anyway i have a friend who works for the California Film Commission and he called me in the middle of the night to tell me what he had his hands on.  Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and *ahem* Brian “Alien Bounty Hunter” Thomson are all signed on as well as Deep Throat’s real-life daughter Melora Hardin and newcomer Noah Alexander who apparently plays an eleven year-old William.  Release is believed to be November 2, 2012.



Coming across skyscrapers in the early evening,
past the camera and onto the helipad of a hospital
to the right.  The camera zooms in on it and then 
seamlessly switches to another camera on the same
roof.  A team of emergency doctors, surgical masks already 
covering their faces, are waiting for the patient inside.

The side door bursts open and two paramedics start
to unload the gurney as the doctors rush the 

              MED-EVAC CAPTAIN
     45 year-old male, cardiac arrest, blood pressure 
     falling, he's breathing but we can't get an 
     accurate O-Sat reading...

As one doctor tries to attach an oxygen saturation sensor
to the patient's finger he suddenly goes flying a full
20 feet through the air and makes a hard landing on 
the rooftop.  The patient's other hand grabs another
doctor by the throat.  The camera gets closer and 
reveals a familiar face...

              BOUNTY HUNTER
     Where... is he...

The Bounty Hunter starts to sit up on the gurney as
he squeezes the doctor's throat.

              FEMALE DOCTOR

     I... you... you took him

Security guards emerge from their post near the 
emergency elevator, guns drawn.

              BOUNTY HUNTER

     NO!  The BOY!  WHERE! IS! HE!?

The guards yell out to let the doctor go, then 
put 5 bullets right in the Bounty Hunter's chest.

Scully begins to run toward the elevator, then takes 
the stairs instead.  She begins the 6 floor descent
to the basement parking garage.

The security personnel close in on the bounty hunter,
then realize they've gotten too close as their eyes
start burning.  They scream in agony as the Bounty
Hunter pulls the restraints off his waist and legs,
5 green stains bubbling on his chest.  

Scully opens the driver's door to her red sedan, starts
it, backs out of her space, then peels out.

The Bounty Hunter walks to the edge of the building.

Scully starts looking behind her, and suddenly looks forward 
as she's about to run a red light.  She start to slam on the 
brakes, only to have the Bounty Hunter drop right in front of her.  
She veers left yet runs over part of him, runs the red light 
while looking in the rear view to make sure he was down.


The camera starts above and then pans to the rear right side
of the white sedan as it travels in the late afternoon sun
and passes a sign for Interstate 80 West.  A phone is heard 


A hand reaches out and touches a button on the car's 
dashboard.  The camera reveals Fox Mulder behind the 


     I thought we weren't going to use this line.


     Mulder, he found me.  


     We knew that was going to happen, it was
     just sooner than we thought.


     Have you found him?  Are you there?


     I'm driving through Wyoming as we speak.  I'm
     about 1/2 hour away from him.


     How can you be sure that it's really him?


     How can it not be?  We should just hope that
     Doggett didn't alert anyone else when he 
     contacted us.  It's all falling into place,
     Scully, and here we are about 8 months from
     the date.


     That's true, today's April 1st.


     That's right, what some call "April Fool's


     Do you think anybody still believes this is


     I want to believe.  

November 27, 2009

Things to be thankful for, from A to X

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A – Abductions.  The fire under Mulder’s ass.

B – Bad Blood.  No explanation needed.

C – Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, Fencewalker (, and the Ford Fusion.  Okay, maybe that last one’s a stretch.

D – David Duchovny.  The more talk shows he appears on the more you realize Fox Mulder was already in him.

E – Eugene Victor Tooms, the first Freak-Of-The-Week and one of the best

F – Followers, i have a few.  While large numbers are nice, loyal readers are important.

G – Gillian Anderson.  No wonder Chris Carter insisted on casting her instead of a well-known actress.  He just put her out there, she made herself a star.

H – Home, the first episode to carry a parental discretion warning, arguably the most shocking and rumored after it premiered to never be shown again.

I – “Ice”, The X-Files’ first implication that something alien may lurk beneath polar ice, plus Kenny Bania and one of the Desperate Housewives.

J – Je Souhaite, 7ABX21, one of the funniest episodes whose moral is “be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”

K – Krycek, the syndicate member who was planted to be Mulder’s partner as well as an assassin.  Mulder smashing him in the head with a phone was one of the best scenes ever.

L – Leonard Betts.  The dude regrew his head.  According to Norm MacDonald, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly weak.”

M – Max Fenig, the NICAP member first met in “Fallen Angel” who met a curious end in Season 4.

N – Navajo Indians, who played a large part in the end of Season 2 to the beginning of Season 3, plus “The Truth.”

O- “One Breath,” one of the most popular episodes and the one where Scully clings to life.

P- Pileggi, Mitch.  Played Walter Skinner, the Assistant Director who always had Mulder and Scully’s backs, although sometimes it wasn’t obvious.

Q – Quagmire, the episode where Scully lost her dog Queequeg.

R – Requiem, the perfect series finale.  Not the happiest one, but the most fitting to The X-Files.

S – The Spenders.  Besides CBG there was one under our noses from the beginning.

T – “Tunguska/Terma” – The two parter whose setting is based on a 1908 event.  It made Krycek a one-armed bandit.

U – “Unruhe”, the episode where Gerry Schnauz has a weird effect on photographic film

V – “Vienen”, Mulder and Doggett working together aboard an oil rig where the black oil has appeared

W – William.  William Scully, William Scully Jr., William Mulder, Scully’s son William Mulder, William B. Davis.  Maybe throw in Will I Am for no reason.

X – X, the badass informant who saved Mulder’s life but then suddenly became sloppy enough to get rubbed out.


Happy Thanksgiving, and if you don’t want to venture outside make it a Black Oil Friday:

  • Nisei – S3E9
  • 731 – S3E10
  • Piper Maru – S3E15
  • Apocrypha – S3E16
  • Talitha Cumi – S3E24
  • Herrenvolk – S4E1
  • Tunguska – S4E8
  • Terma – S4E9
  • Momento Mori – S4E14
  • Tempus Fugit – S4E17
  • Max – S4E18
  • Zero-Sum – S4E21
  • Gethsemane – S4E24
  • Redux – S5E1
  • Redux II – S5E2


November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving + SyFy = James Bond?

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First thing’s first- Happy Thanksgiving!  i hope that every one of my followers is fortunate enough to have a big meal with family and friends.  It is also my wish that all of you are cognizant of any of your neighbors who are poor of bank statement or of health who may not have a good Thanksgiving, and that you would share something with them.  Invite to dinner your friends who have been struggling after losing a source of income; take a pie to your elderly neighbors who have failing health.

So, the SyFy Channel has been very arbitrary with its programming lately, in general and with The X-Files in particular, and that’s why my twitter and blog posts have been more sporadic.  For a week in October there were two X-Files episodes per night, 4 episodes following the numerical sequence and four apparently chosen arbitrarily, to be shown Monday -Thursday as usual.  As Thursday neared SyFy changed the schedule and deferred to Monday.  As Monday neared it was unclear whether the episodes were to start at 1AM or 2AM, with DirecTV’s schedule showing it one way and showing it the other.  Also, these extra episodes aren’t going to appear in sequence, and we’re not talking mediocre episodes either.  “Home” and “Bad Blood” are as epic as they get.  It’s been nice that SyFy has been keeping two and three-part episodes together so they’re shown in the same week, but some more consistency would be great.

While it would be nice for SyFy to realize that instead of Agent 007 we’d rather see badge number JTT047101111 on Thanksgiving, here we are with a James Bond marathon.  Really?  In random order instead of chronologically?  Too funny.  What to do?  How about digging into the X-Files DVD collection?  Here are some picks to watch today through Black Friday and maybe to take to the hunting camp next week.

  • “Roadrunners” Season 8 Episode 5 – A no brainer because it premiered on 26Nov2000.  Scully persues a cult that worships a slug-like organism.
  • “The End” Season 5 Episode 20, “Fight The Future”, “The Beginning” Season 6 Episode 1- The X-Files at its best
  • “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 79, “Requiem”  Season 7 Episode 22 – The beginning and the best ending.  Not the happiest, but the best.

Gobble gobble.


October 17, 2009

The Week of 18 October – SyFy throws us a bone.

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SyFy seems to be making up with The X-Philers this week for the random and arbitrary way in which it has been scheduling our favorite show.  Their first good move has been scheduling two and three-part episodes so they are both shown in the same calendar week, first done with Colony & End Game.  The bonus comes this week, however, as we have an additional four episodes of The X-Files on SyFy this week, and not just any four episodes either.  In fact, the only way to have a better week of X-Files programming would be to either poll us X-Philers on our favorites or to show every episode back to back without commercials.  The former option is improbable, the latter is impossible.  In the meantime, enjoy a week which is highlighted by arguably the fan favorite episode, “Bad Blood.”

Sunday 18 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Through A Glass, Darkly” – Frank suspects a convicted killer/child molester is not responsible for a girl’s disappearance.
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence” – Hollis’ half-sister in involved with drug dealers peddling contaminated heroin.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 900PM MMax The X-Files : I Want To Believe – The FBI asks for Mulder’s help in solving a missing person’s case, while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare brain disease.

Monday 19 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Human Essence”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Omerta” – A dead hit man halps Frank’s daughter, Jordan, deal with her mother’s loss.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Omerta”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Darkness Falls” – Ecoterrorists are suspected in the disappearance of loggers in Washington.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Nisei – Part 1” – Mulder discovers a video of an alien autopsy.

Tuesday 20 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time” – Frank and Emma try to figure out how people drowned on dry land.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Borrowed Time”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Tooms” – Mulder disobeys orders and trails Eugene Victor Tooms before he kills again.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “731 – Part 2” – Scully is forced to trust a mysterious government figure.

Wednesday 21 October

  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage” – A group member’s daughter is kidnapped, fueling Frank’s suspicions.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Home” – Mulder and Scully discover evidence of an unspeakable crime in a bucolic small town.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “War of the Coprophages” – A series of deaths are linked by cockroaches.

Thursday 22 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Collateral Damage”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow” – A mysterious woman tells Frank she has knowledge about his wife’s death.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 100AM SyFy The X-Files “Bad Blood” – The agents have clashing stories involving vampirism.
  • 200AM SyFy The X-Files “Syzygy” – Bizarre deaths coincide with odd astrological phenomena.

Friday 23 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “The Sound Of Snow”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas” – Devil-incarnate Lucy Butler plagues Frank’s investigation.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”

Saturday 24 October

  • 500AM Chiller Millennium “Antipas”
  • 600AM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka” – Frank and Emma learn more about Millennium Group’s origins and history.
  • 600PM Chiller Millennium “Matryoshka”

October 11, 2009

Weekly Schedule of 11 October 09, & Fringe back on track

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Fringe did the right thing, they killed off the shapeshifter that was masquerading as Charlie this past week, so maybe Kirk Acevedo can move on to bigger and better things considering that his character was written poorly from the start.  Just like The X-Files though, dead may not mean gone, especially with Olivia having visions.  It’s clear that the shapeshifter taking over Charlie’s body was just a way to bind the mytharc episodes around two consecutive monster-of-the-week episodes, but there are still countless questions that will likely remain unanswered.  His wife is the main issue; did the shapeshifter kill her too, when a shapeshifter takes somebody else’s identity does that person’s conscience come with him i.e. did the shapeshifter become aware Charlie was married, which key on his keyring performs what function, etc.  Not tying up that loose end is sloppy, but expected.


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “The Time Is Now” – A competing organization helps.
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “The Innocents” – Victims of a plane crash are identical women and children.
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “The Innocents”


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “The Innocents”
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “Exegesis” – Frank learns the crash deaths are linked to an experiment.
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “Exegesis”
  • 2AM SyFy The X-Files “2Shy” – The agents follow the trail of a serial killer whose victims have several similarities.


  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “Teotwawki” – Frank encounters a doomsday cult planning for Armageddon.
  • 320PM MMAX The X-Files : I Want To Believe
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “Teotwawki”
  • 2AM SyFy The X-Files “The Walk” – Detectives probe a suicidal patient.


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “Teotwawki”
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “Closure” – Emma fights a pathological killer.
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “Closure”
  • 2AM SyFy The X-Files “Oubliette” – When child is abducted, detectives seek another hostage’s help.


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “Closure”
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “… Thirteen Years Later” – Rock band envestigated for murder.
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “… Thirteen Years Later”
  • 9PM FOX Fringe “Dream Logic” – The team investigates a man who attacked his boss.
  • 2AM SyFy The X-Files “Revelations” – A religiously motivated serial killer threatens a child.


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “… Thirteen Years Later”
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “Skull And Bones” – Frank learns Millennium Group is tied to heinous crimes.
  • 9AM Chiller Millennium ” Teotwawki”
  • 10AM Chiller Millennium “Closure”
  • 11AM Chiller Millennium “Thirteen Years Later”
  • 12PM Chiller Millennium “Skull And Bones”
  • 1PM Chiller Millennium “Through a Glass, Darkly” – A girl disappears near a molester.
  • 2PM Chiller Millenium “Human Essence” – Drug dealers peddle poisoned heroin.
  • 3PM Chiller Millenium “Omerta” – Dead man helps Frank’s daughter.
  • 4PM Chiller Millenium “Borrowed Time” – Frank and Emma probe dry-and drownings.
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “Skull And Bones”


  • 5AM Chiller Millennium “Skull And Bones”
  • 6AM Chiller Millennium “Through A Glass, Darkly”
  • 245PM MAXHD The X-Files : I Want To Believe
  • 6PM Chiller Millennium “Through A Glass, Darkly”

October 5, 2009

Catching up during my downtime

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Between the accident while working and my appointment with the scalpel last week i have spent a lot of time catching up on TV, some recent and some not so recent.  While there has been enough current TV programming to keep me somewhat busy, i have also expanded my horizons by watching some shows that i had no interest in that are long gone.  And of course i’ve watched some stuff that you may not expect, like Community and Cougar Town.  Hey, something had to distract me from the fact that the Steelers had a 1-2 record.

A pleasant surprise over the summer was Warehouse 13, and while the new television season was starting up W13 had its season finale this past week.  Honestly i didn’t think the show’s concept would work, with monster-of-the-week episodes focusing on objects instead of freaks.  It reminded me of Seinfeld, where George Costanza at one point had bought a convertible belonging to a Jon Voight and there was question of whether it belonged to the Jon Voight, with Jerry later mocking George saying “there’s Gregory Peck’s bicycle” and “Barbara Mandrell’s skateboard.”  But the artifacts ended up being pretty cool, like Lewis Carroll’s mirror and Edgar Allen Poe’s notebook and pen.  Another very smart detail is the equipment that the agents use, like the Tesla stun guns, the communicator devices and the Warehouse computer system.  These tools are styled to look old to begin with, so these pieces won’t look dated at the end of the show’s run if it is fortunate enough to be around for years to come.  My main complaint with the show is that the 12-episode season seems as though it was written in two halves, with the character of MacPherson entering in episode 7 and monopolizing much of the story.  Another is that the destruction of the warehouse in the season finale is amusingly similar to the end of both The X-Files’ season 1 and 5 finales, particularly season 5’s “The End” where Mulder and Scully’s office is set afire, essentially destroying their work.  Those points aside, this is a fresh, unique, and smart show and i am looking forward to season 2.  By the way, what department do agents of the Secret Service belong to?  As a hint, they belonged to the Department of the Treasury until being transferred to this newly-formed department.  Answer at the end.

Fringe returned on September 17th, and in my opinion it’s stuck in a low gear.  The show left Olivia in William Bell’s office in the World Trade Center in an alternate universe, David Robert Jones chopped roughly in half,  and Walter standing in front of a grave with Peter Bishop’s name on the headstone.  Season 2 started with Olivia re-entering our universe, suddenly, and one side effect of traveling between universes is apparently complete loss of memory of that universe.  However, along with Olivia a shapeshifter returned from “over there,” with the shapeshifter changing appearance several times until he killed Charlie Francis and assumed his identity, but not before the real Charlie told Olivia the details of the large scar on his chest that was displayed last season.  The longer that the shapeshifter masquerades as Charlie the more absurd the storyline will become.  Olivia already asked “Charlie” to get her information in S2E2 and to our knowledge he didn’t follow through.  Charlie is a married man, so is he not going home, is his wife an idiot that can’t tell the difference, or did the shapeshifter snap Charlie’s wife in half and throw her in a dumpster?  This week’s episode deals with shapeshifting, so hopefully it will be finished in short order.  Mulder’s identity was assumed by the bounty hunter, Edward van Blundht, and for two episodes by Morris Fletcher because the whole idea is clumsy.  Then again the character of Charlie has been mistreated from the start.  Let’s get the questions answered, like are we watching the real Peter Bishop or is he the Peter from another universe?  That’s what we all want to know.

Wikipedia is a great thing.  By doing a search for a list of science fiction shows i found some shows that i had never seen before, so i ordered Roswell and Threshold from Netflix, and got tipped off to where to find Dark Skies.  i’m still trying to find Eleventh Hour, although it looks like it will be released on DVD very soon.

Dark skies is unique in the way that it rewrote history, like implying that JFK was killed because he was exposed to evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.  A one-season wonder, it follows former Majestic 12 agent John Loengard and girlfriend Kimberly Sayers as they track “The Hive,” an alien race that is trying to take over the Earth.  Along the way they not only encounter Hive operatives like Jim Steele but also celebrities like The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Robert Kennedy.  The celebrities are cool, but at the same time makes it feel like live-action Scooby Doo with aliens instead of monsters.  If the Three Stooges make an appearance i may just stop.  i’ve watched 6 episodes so far, but i feel as though the time just drags along the way.

Threshold was a another one-season show from 2006, and in fact it premiered domestically on October 13, 2006.  For some reason that date seems important… hmm.  The show follows Dr. Molly Caffrey, a government crisis-management consultant who seemed to be the only person who had a plan in place in case of an invasion by extraterrestrials, that plan codenamed “Threshold.”  The whole cast is a list of somewhat-famous people.  Charles S. Dutton of “Roc” fame is NSA agent JT Blaylock, Brent “Data” Spiner is NASA microbiologist Dr. Nigel Fenway, Caffrey is portrayed by Carla Gugino of the movie “Son-in-law” and the show Entourage, but the most talented actor may be Peter Dinklage, who at 4’5″ commands the camera more than anyone and is also the most believable.  The pilot episode finds a ship encountering a UFO, and by the time the crew listed above is on scene most of the crew is dead.  Contact with the UFO had even affected the roaches and rodents on board the ship, odd recordings on the ship affect those who hear them, and a fractal triskelion pattern keeps appearing.  Unfortunately i’ve only seen 4 episodes of the 13 thus far; it’s also unfortunate that with a decent cast that it was cancelled so quickly.  i like it so far, but it also seems to drag at times.

The most successful of the shows that have been arriving in red envelopes in the mailbox is Roswell, with a run of three full seasons, and it’s easily the most watchable.  Alien-human hybrids (sound familiar) are mixed amongst the high schoolers in Roswell, NM, and the show didn’t take long to expose some of those students with a great establishing scene.  At the same time, Max gave up way too much information instead of being evasive, but maybe i’m just spoiled by Kal-El.  Of course the inclusion of Julie Benz, who grew up one town from me and is the cousin of the DJ i listen to pretty much daily, is a bonus.  Of the three new-to-me (old) shows that i’ve started watching this is my favorite thus far, but alas there are only three seasons.

So even while expanding my horizons by watching other shows i am still reminded that The X-Files is the gold standard, with shapeshifting, with alien-human hybrids, and with the rewriting of history.  It’s fun to pick them out though, from the concepts right down to The X-Files episode.  By the way, The Secret Service is part of the Department of Homeland Security.


October 4, 2009

The week of 4 October

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Surprise, SyFy has rearranged its usual X-Files schedule for this week once again, but some X-Files is better than no X-Files, especially when one of the episodes is “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.”  Not to worry though, there’s plenty of programming to keep everybody busy, and we are 1 month from the newest incarnation of the show “V” on ABC (with Laura Vandervoort aka Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl of Smallville).  With Fringe four episodes into the season, and with new shows like Flash Forward showing promise these are indeed good times for Sci-Fi fans.  Included in this week’s schedule is the movie Roswell, on Showtime Extreme.  If there’s something you think should be added just suggest it and i’ll consider it, but i’ve been trying to stick to shows that follow The X-Files’ formula.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Roosters” – Dissident faction is real sinister.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Siren” – A mysterious woman tries to lure Frank away from Millenium Group.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Siren”


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Siren”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “In Arcadia Ego” – Two inmates escape from women’s prison.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “In Arcadia Ego”


  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Anamnesis” – Catherine helps troubled teenagers.
  • 9:30AM SHOEXTREMEHD Roswell – Docudrama, ex-Army Air Forces officer recalls silencing of UFO crash in 1947 New Mexico.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Anamnesis”
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” – Mulder and Scully track the serial killer of fortunetellers.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Anamnesis”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “A Room With No View” – Bright children are being abducted.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “A Room With No View”


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “A Room With No View”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” – Demons bemoan the existence of Frank Black.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me”
  • 8:45PM MAXHD The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a missing-persons case while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 9:00PM FOX Fringe “Momentum Deferred” – Robberies connected to shapeshifting.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “The List” – Inmate’s final vow prompts agents to investigate murder.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Fourth Horseman” – Lara Means disappears mysteriously.
  • 11:45AM SHOEXTREMEHD Roswell – Docudrama, ex-Army Air Forces officer recalls silencing of UFO crash in 1947 New Mexico.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Fourth Horseman”


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Fourth Horseman”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Time Is Now” – A competing organization helps.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Time Is Now”

September 27, 2009

The week of 27 September… i’m back

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2 weeks ago i had an accident while working.  i was knocked off my feet by a sudden burst of fluid, bruised and sprained my left knee and seemingly pulled my left quad since that is the part that still hurts.  In other words, that’s what it took for me to abandon my post for a while.  In the meantime, Warehouse 13 ended and Fringe returned.  More on that last part later in the week, in the meantime there’s a lot to cover, including a great X-Files lineup.  Also, i became aware that Millenium is being shown on the Chiller channel, 257 on DirecTV.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “19:19” – Frank tracks down a prophet who believes a world war has begun.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Goodbye, Charlie” – Frank probes assisted suicides.
  • 9:00AM Chiller Millenium “In Arcadia Ego” – Two inmates escape from women’s prison.
  • 10:00AM Chiller Millenium “Anamnesis” – Catherine helps troubled teenagers.
  • 11:00AM Chiller Millenium “A Room With No View” – Bright children are being abducted.
  • 12:00PM Chiller Millenium “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” – Demons bemoan the existence of Frank Black.
  • 1:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Fourth Horseman” – Lara Means disappears mysteriously.
  • 2:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Time Is Now” – A competing organization helps.
  • 3:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Innocents” – Victims of a plane crash are identical women and children.
  • 4:00PM Chiller Millenium “Exegesis” – Frank learns the crash deaths are linked to an experiment.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Goodbye, Charlie” – Frank probes assisted suicides.
  • 12:37AM NBC Jimmy Fallon Live David Duchovny, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, Dirty Projectors perform
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “Anasazi” – Amateur computer hacker’s invasion of government files jeopardizes the lives of Mulder and Scully.


  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Luminary” – Frank Black searches Alaska for a missing teenager.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Luminary”
  • 7:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Burnout” – Pete and Myka must complete the hunt for an artifact for a long-dead agent.
  • 8:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Implosion” – Myka and Pete rejoin Secret Service detail to intercept a samurai sword.
  • 9:00PM SyFy Warehouse 13 “Duped” – While in Las Vegas on a retrieval, Myka is trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “The Blessing Way” – Assuming Mulder is dead, the FBI strips Scully of her credentials for withholding information about the missing computer disk.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Hand of Saint Sebastian” – Frank seeks roots in Germany.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Mikado” – A killer broadcasts his deeds on the internet.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Mikado”
  • 8:15PM MAXHD The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a missing-persons case while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “Paper Clip” – Reunited, Mulder and Scully secretly continue the investigation; they learn the truth about Mulder’s parents and discover Skinner’s true colors.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense” – Frank protects a threatened author.
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House” – Investigation of a series of homicides points to inmates from a nearby insane asylum.
  • 7:00AM CBS The Early Show David Duchovny
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House”
  • 8:00PM FOX Fringe – A bomb blows up inside a train station but leaves no trace of any explosive device; Peter and Olivia’s investigation leads them to Iraq.
  • 2:00AM SyFy The X-Files “DPO” – After deaths are attributed to lightning, Mulder and Scully determine a teen who survived a lightning strike may be the murderer.  With Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi.


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “The Pest House”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Owls” – Dissidents steal powerful artifact.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Owls”


  • 5:00AM Chiller Millenium “Owls”
  • 6:00AM Chiller Millenium “Roosters” – Dissident faction is real sinister.
  • 1:45PM MMAX The X-Files : I Want To Believe – Mulder is asked by the FBI to assist in a missing-persons case while Scully tries to save a young boy with a rare disease.
  • 6:00PM Chiller Millenium “Roosters”

September 5, 2009

The week of 6 September.

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First thing’s first, if you haven’t done so already today go to Google. Today’s doodle refers to unexplained phenomenon. Fitting as we near Season 2 of Fringe.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Irresistable” – Someone is exhuming bodies in Minneapolis, removing body parts from the corpses.


  • 7PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Duped” – Myka gets trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror, and something wicked comes out.  (That something wicked is a hot Myka)
  • 8PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Regrets” – Pete and Myka investigate a prison where nightmares become all too real.  This time the artifact has to stay behind.
  • 9PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Breakdown” – Electrical disturbances within the warehouse reach a breaking point.
  • 11PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Breakdown”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Die Hand Die Verletzt” – Teenagers fake a satanic ritual while the real worshipers are made to hide their tracks once the FBI shows up.


  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Fresh Bones” – Voodoo is suspected in the death of young soldiers at a Haitian resettlement camp.


  • 9PM FOX Fringe “The Road Not Taken”
  • 2AM SyFy Channel The X-Files “Fearful Symmetry” – An invisible elephant is suspected in the death of a federal construction worker and the destruction of various property.


  • 10PM SyFy Channel Warehouse 13 “Breakdown”

It was nice of SyFy to keep the two-part Colony & End Game together the following week.

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